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Innovations are like oxygen for our company. Any company is doomed to stagnation and death without headway and new developments, therefore we count on new knowledge, our unique, talented employees and vast scientific contacts. We skim the cream off our partners’ expertise and invest in the development of new projects and scientific/production potential. Certainly our business is not a piece of cake: we have failures and missed targets at times but all our activities yield valuable experience in promoting and implementing innovative developments.

Anna Shkuratova


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We keep abreast of the times and build the industrial park using energy-efficient materials. For three years the office building has been using the heating system with ground-coupled heat pumps.

We implemented the 100 kW solar electric plant, which supports operation of waste treatment facilities. The business incubator of energy efficiency technologies is in good progress in the industrial park.

Andrey Minayev


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We operate in a very challenging environment of an established and highly competitive market. Moreover, a number of market players are powerful global corporations with long-term strategy and massive financial resources. Financial support of such companies as ours is essential if we want to grow strong domestic producers.

Vadim Fomichev

General Director

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During 6 months of our operations we have hosted more than 3,000 residents and guests of our city.

We ran competitions bringing together participants from all over Russia. We closely cooperate with orphanages. The company’s staff is very small but the number of project participants is growing day by day. Today we are over 2,000 people. We are proud to say that each of us has put his heart into this project.

Alexey Tomilin

Company Head

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Business is developing slowly but surely!

Our products are popular with local residents, construction workers and large timber processing companies. We supply firewood and industrial wood for building maintenance to schools and libraries in neighboring villages. We are not using new technologies as yet but we are looking into the possibilities of wood-based biofuel. In 2015–2016, we plan to launch a production line for processing of saw dust into fuel briquettes or pellets.

Dmitry Bondarenko

Company Head

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We want to set up the poultry dressing facility to increase revenues as the price for dressed turkey is higher. The Luzhsky feed factory helps us to resolve the problem with feeds, which account for up to 70% of production cost. We are thinking of growing grain but first we need to get on our own feet. We are not looking for a pie in the sky but rather focus on real opportunities.

Alexander Ruschak

General Director

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For us environmental safety is not an academical issue but real technologies. We collect all meat scrap and deliver it to our strategic partners for further processing into meat and bone meal. Thus we keep our facilities clean and contribute to production of a quality food supplement for live stock breeding.

Marat Chibishev


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The history of the Sivera brand is already two decades long. Over this period we have gained the confidence of professional sportsmen, and we are now prepared to use our expertise in new areas. Today the most promising segment for us would be high-quality, easy-to-manufacture winter townwear. We plan to develop a separate clothing line with unique properties for security services.

Valery Fisenko


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We use new equipment and new technologies. Our innovations are aimed at development of high-quality cheese / cottage cheese production. We work hard to make sure that our children could drink genuine milk and eat fresh soft cheeses. Today we can say that there are no cheeses of comparable quality produced in our region. All mozzarella cheese is imported and has a long shelf life, which means that it contains preservation agents. Thanks to our cooperation with SME Bank, Tomsk residents can buy natural dairy products made in the Tomsk Region.

Artem Bagreev




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